Meet Our Team

Employee Highlights


Sylvania | FOH
Mother to one (Hi Mads), friend to all! Master hula hooper, google educated, admitted foodie, Cricut creator, DIY queen & arachnophobic. Basically basic AF. Sriracha, I gotcha. Fashionably late but never late for the party. Mentally responding to your text or call is my toxic trait. The secret to my success is an impressive ability to bite my tongue and smile through it. Love sour beers but not sour attitudes!

Favorite Beer: Snap to the Face and Wildcat V3.0


Perrysburg | BOH
I love rocking out a lunch rush and getting the line ready for a busy dinner. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, it’s nice to find a restaurant that is so geared towards its employees. When not at work, I try to spend as much time out in nature as possible. Whether it’s camping, hiking, or riding mountain bikes, I can’t get enough. My passion for the arts is also something that I focus on. Wether it’s photography, ceramics or food. I can always find an outlet for my creativity.

Favorite Beer: A Beautiful Death​

Our Story

Once upon a time there was an offensive lineman at Michigan State University named Chris Morris. One day, coach said “Hey Chris, will you show Brandon Fields, a prospective punter, around campus during his official visit?” Chris responded, “No! I have nothing in common with a punter!”. Brandon and Chris did not become friends that day, but they would eventually. After college Chris went on to have an NFL career with the Oakland Raiders, and Brandon with the Miami Dolphins. Fast forward a decade, and they both retire and settle down with their families in the Midwest. And come to find out, they do have something in common, love for CRAFT BEER! Chris, Brandon, and his wife Katie opened Inside the Five Brewing in 2018 in Downtown Sylvania, expanding the craft beer scene while joining an energetic and enthusiastic community.

Brandon Fields

Co-owner + Brewer
Started as a home brewer. Kicked to the garage after flooding the laundry room with beer. Full of crazy ideas. Permanent resting bitch face. Always a smart ass.
Favorite Beer: A Beautiful Death



Katie Fields

Co-owner + Boss Lady
Bought Brandon the best present ever, a home brew kit. Enjoys brewery hopping wherever she is. Loves her community. Borderline control freak.
Favorite beer: Deimos

Chris Morris

Co-owner + CFO
Jack of all trades. Master of some. Smarter than most. All-around great human being.
Favorite beer: Snap to the Face and Forever First




Executive Chef
I’m a life long food geek who thought he knew a lot about craft beer, then I met Brandon. I love learning something new about my industry everyday and have a passion for looking to the past to influence my ideas. I’m a big believer in Local First and using the seasons to guide your decisions. Be warned, if you choose to start talking food with me there’s a good chance I won’t know when to stop.
Favorite Beer: Devil Wears Hoodies


Head Brewer
Started homebrewing while a student at Michigan State. Was not on the football team. Got my first brewing job after graduating. Worked my way up at different breweries in Michigan before crossing the border to join Inside the Five in 2018.
Favorite beer: Student Body Right


Assistant Brewer
My love for craft brew came from working and playing music in bars. After claiming more employee titles than anyone at Inside The Five (Bartender, Server, Expo, Cleaning crew, Manager), it was decided I needed a more permanent title as assistant brewer. I love my job and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!
Favorite beer: Student Body Right

Sylvania Team


Head Manager
The most uptight free spirit you will ever meet. Always has something sarcastic to say. Loves beer, camping, and live music more than most things in life. Loud as hell and not sorry about it.
Favorite beer: A Beautiful Death and Deez Nutz


Sales + Bar Manager
Too honest for my own good! Independent, confident, and unapologetic. Says out loud what everyone else is thinking.
Favorite beer: Devil’s Bite and Canadian Tuxedo


Bar Manager


Mixologist + Manager
Realist. Avocado enthusiast. A bit obsessive when it comes to cleaning and organization. Known for my quick-witted comments and sarcastic personality. Although I am a kind soul with a caring heart (for the most part), you’d never know it by looking at me due to an extreme case of RBF. As much as I enjoy mixing and creating craft cocktails, I enjoy drinking them even more.
Favorite beer: Autumn Wind


Special Events Chef
Obstinate, crude, sometimes vulgar. Candy and caffeine addicted. Overall wearing weirdo with horrible musical tastes, but a darn good cook. We keep him away from people, it’s better that way.
Favorite beer: Going to Canton over ice


Californian turned Ohioan, who still loves her West Coast IPA’s. Enjoys burying her nose in a book almost as much as she loves visiting different breweries. Always smiling, always awkward, and always overthinking every situation.
Favorite Beer: Hop Shield and Medusa’s Blood

Perrysburg Team


Mama. Mama Bear. Mama Bird. The name ‘Mama’ follows me wherever I go. From home with my own three little bears, to hanging out with friends, to the work place. I was given the name ‘Mama Bear’ in the first week BEFORE our opening in Perrysburg. And just like any Mama, I require my unwinding time with a nice adult beverage. Wine is my kryptonite and I am excited for our beer aged in wine barrels!
Favorite Beer: Surprise on Cider


#nofilter! A team player who tells it like it is. Honest. Fair. Control freak. With 17 years of experience, I’ve held many titles in the industry, and rocked it! I’m a huge foodie who loves traveling, creating pottery, and gardening. I like to have fun while getting the job done, and beer after!

Favorite Beer: A Beautiful Death 


Event Chef
I was into social distancing way before anyone was asked to do it. I’ve had a lifelong love for cooking and 15 years of kitchen experience. I’m finding a new love for craft beers and getting to make great food to go along with it! And to be honest, I get a little nervous right before I say Worcestershire sauce.

Favorite Beer: The Devil Wears Hoodies

Joey Wherry

Chef de Cuisine 
Started from the bottom and now I’m here. Has a passion for the fast pace of the kitchen. Keeps my mind focused as I am typically… Oh Look! A squirrel!… all over the place. Likes to occasionally enjoy a nice sour or cider beer before heading home to enjoy my favorite title as DAD. I end my nights by escaping into my online gaming world.

Favorite Beer: The Devil Wears Hoodies

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Contact Us

5703 Main St., Sylvania, Ohio 43560
[email protected]


127 W Third St., Perrysburg, Ohio 43551
[email protected]


Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm
Fri–Sat 11am-12am
Sun | Brunch 10am-2pm | Dinner 2pm-10pm
**Kitchen closes 1 hour prior to closing


We do not take reservations, but will accept call-aheads 30 minutes prior to your arrival. To inquire about parties larger than 10, please contact us through email.

We are on the TagaBrew Ohio Trail.