Draft Class

2020 Draft Class

On the first day of the NFL draft each year, annual memberships will be available to purchase for the Draft Class at Inside the Five Brewing. 2020 membership benefits are good from June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021. As a member of Inside the Five’s Draft Class, your name will be displayed on the Draft Wall. Anyone will be able to buy you a beer and leave it on your membership for you to claim the next time you come in. Members must drink all of their gifted beers by May 31 when the new draft year begins. Only one person per membership. That person is the only one that will receive the draft class benefits. The name on the membership must be first and last name as shown on ID. Each Draft Class member will have their name listed on our website with the option to submit a photo and short bio.


Stay Tuned for the 2021 Draft Class – Memberships will be available in April!

FIRST ROUND $150 – Sold Out!

  • $1 off 16oz and 10oz beers
  • $8 flights everyday
  • $2 off Growler Fills
  • $1 off Howler Fills
  • 2020 custom beer glass
  • One free beer on your birthday
  • 20% off merchandise
  • One complimentary growler fill
  • 2020 First Round T-shirt
  • Invitation to two beer pairing dinners (in August and February)

SECOND ROUND $86 – Sold Out!

  • $1 off 16oz and 10oz beers
  • $8 flights everyday
  • $2 off Growler Fills
  • $1 off Howler Fills
  • 2020 custom beer glass
  • One free beer on your birthday
  • 20% off merchandise
  • One complimentary growler fill

THIRD ROUND $51 – Sold Out!

  • $1 off 16oz and 10oz beers
  • $8 flights everyday
  • $2 off Growler Fills
  • $1 off Howler Fills
  • 2020 custom beer glass
  • One free beer on your birthday



Eric Addington
David Ansel
Trevor Ashley
Tyler Baer
Madeline Baer
Collin Balester
Wes Beham
Aaron Bieszczad
Howie Brown
Rob Burnett
Kelly Burnett
Duke Clevenger
Jenilee Common
Shannon Darm
Bryce Denecker
Troy Dowd
Bob Estrich
Brian Fuller
John Harris
Scott Heer
Chris Heerdegen
Jared Helton
David Hoag
Branden Howard
Mike Jablonski
Terry Keller
Brian Kezur
Adam Knaggs
Tony LoFiego
Frank LoFiego
Katie Martin
Sarah J. Martin, J.D.
Mindy McCarthy
Kristin McKelvey
Kurk McWilliams
Dan Miller
Kylie Morgan
Shayla Moriarty
Chris Nye
Cara O’Neill
Shawn O’Neill
Zach Park
Ron Ressler
Patrick Richardson
Chris Rosenthal
Tim Rutkowski
Matt Sell
Greg Silloway
Nick Stack
Ryan Stack
Tracy Stack
Blake Starr
Jeff Stephens
Michael Stoll
Lyndsey Stough
Matthew Tucker
Perry Van Aken
Tom Vandini
Kimberly Wiseman


Mike Bardwell
Chris Bauer
T.J. Bogdan
Austin Bomar
Greg Borer
Bryan Breininger
David Breininger
Joe Burke
Joe Cafferty
Nate Cherry
Nick Cherry
Joe Cherry
Alicia Colombaro
Chad Dankert
Brad Dayton
Nik Drescher
Max Eckel
Stina Elliott
Thomas Falardeau
Tony Ferguson
Chad Finn
Kate Fischer
Mike Fischer
Allyson France
Jeff Ganues
Mike Gatto
Billy Giacci
Bill Giacci
Justin Herman
Kiriakos Kalpakidis
Randy Kinsey
Kyle Kissling
Sandi Konz
Terry Konz
Rob Kuhr
Cari Kuhr
Joe Lindsey
Michael Mann
Chris Martinek
Paul Martinez
Mike McKelvey
Cory McKenzie
Mike Mitchell
Katie Muczynski
Spencer Norris
Walter M. Norris IV
Casey Nowicki
Bill O’Loughlin
Chris Pharis
Abby Plummer
Jason Pollock
Aaron Pollock
Patrick Rabideau
Rob Revard
Mike Rinehart
Andrew Robertson
Ronald Robeson Jr
Keith Rooks
Brady Rosino
Matthew Seifert
Terry Shadle
Tara Shamy
Kaitlin Sibert
Greg Slim
Steven Smith
Jennifer Smith
Kelsey Sporleder
Greg Stuckey
Dave Tidrick
Mike Webber
David Weldele
Brian Wilson


Robert Apley
Tracy Ardner
Daniel C. Arnold
Brad Barnes
David Bartlett
Jim Beattie
Andy Beckstead
Ryan Beckstead
Don Bondy
Robert Bradshaw
Mary Brandon
Toni Bratt
Caitlin Ceglarek
Ron Clark
Gary Collins
James Cook
Justin Cook
Shannon Cook
Brad Crown
Natalie Dahl
Hunter Dahl
Michael Donnelly
Mike Dray
Meg Dray
Emily Earp
Jason Earp
Sean Ferguson
Christie Filas
Tyler Fish
George France
David France
Brad Friemoth
Julie Gerken
Harbaugh Sucks
Steve Hardy
Brenton Harrison
Sam Harrison
Jason Haynes
Chris Hefner
Todd Hendricks Jr.
Bradley Hesser
Amy Hoffmann
Ralph Hoffmann
Kirby Holman
Corey Honisko
Dan Hoover
Dwayne Hunter
Chris Iott
Robert Jones
Jack Kelly
Zak Koralewski
Julia Dempster Koralewski
Emily Kramp
Robert Kull
Dave Laraway
Bill Ludwig
Brent Lumbrezer
Chris Marriott
Tracie Martinez
Greg May
Daniel McCarthy
Mimi McCarthy
Kim McNerney
Corey Melchart
Anthony Menna
David Muczynski
David Navarre
Hayden Neese
Jeff Neuber
Sten Neuber
Patrick O’Brien
Tim Ohms
Jared Okoneski
Ryan Parquette
Chrys Peterson
Judy Pfund
Brandyn Phelps
Mark Reed
Bryon Renwand
Scott Rimer
Aidan Roberts
Scott Runkel
Marie Saner
Kevin Schmidt
Joe Sclageter
Kris Smith
Joe Smith
Nicholas Sperling
Ryan Spino
Keith Sporleder
Don Sroczynki
Dave Stark
Michelle Streeter
Paul Stutzenstein
Eric Suttie
Jessie Szymanski-Hoag
Katie Taylor
Gary Thompson
Eric Tittle
Trevor Tony
John Tumbush
Bob Turco
Matt Tussing
Steve Ursell
David Walkup
Mark Weimer
Craig White
Mark Yevtich
Dianne Yevtich
Cindy Zellers
Mike Zellers

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