What’s on Tap?


Little Glass Of Summer: Barrel Aged Edition
Piña Colada Ale Aged In Rum Barrels: 9.3% ABV
22oz BOMBER | $10.75
Because winters in Ohio @$#&ing suck, this delightful dandy decided to hibernate in rum barrels to escape the cold. Now that the sun is out and beautiful warm weather is upon us, this magnificent creation of pineapple, coconut, and rum flavors has been released out of the barrels and into your glass! Contains Lactose Sugar

Red Heads Can Be Fun: Barrel Aged Edition
Raspberry & Vanilla Blonde Ale Aged In Brandy Barrels: 7.8% ABV
22oz BOMBER | $9.75
Our tart and sweet redheaded surfer took a spill off his surfboard and landed inside a brandy barrel. Taking months to find his way back to the surface, this beer emerged with added layers of rich fruit and oak.

Barrel Aged Xerxes’ Bane
Double IPA Aged In Whiskey Barrels: 12.7% ABV
22oz BOMBER | $10.50
We took a basic IPA and beefed it up using large amounts of malt for muscles and hops for attitude. Then stuck it inside disemboweled whiskey barrels to train for months. Once emerged, it was vigorously dry hopped to finish its transformation into this fierce hop warrior known as Xerxe’s Bane!

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